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    Buenos Aires

    curso de piloto privado en USA (precios)

    por si a alguien le interesa y le sobra guita les comparto la informacion que me enviaron... creo que solo con mirar la tablita es suficiente...

    Orlando Flight Training

    We are located at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport in Kissimmee , FL. Our Private Pilot package includes 40 hours of flight training, 20 hours of dual instruction, 20 hours directed solo practice and 30 hours of ground instruction.

    Upon completion of this private pilot course, you will be able to act as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft carrying passengers or property, but not for compensation or hire, subject to FAR Parts 61 and 91.

    The cost of this course is detailed below and utilizes the Piper Cadet (a four-seat, low wing aircraft).


    edit: la oportuna marca de agua de aeroforo ocultó el módico total de: $10.668.00

    *Prices are based on the minimum hour requirements to complete the required training. It is not guaranteed you will complete your training in the number of hours or time frame stated. In some cases, additional training may be required for you to complete. Should you exceed any flight/ground hours or require additional accommodations, you will be responsible for the additional costs. Please plan and budget for these additional costs that may occur. Aircraft upgrades are additional costs. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    **Fuel surcharges are subject to change, depending on current costs of fuel. Should there be an increase in fuel costs, additional cost may apply and be your responsibility.


    Estimated Private Pilot Course Cost: $7,228

    Additional Costs to budget and plan for:

    - Transportation

    - Food and Misc. Living Expenses

    Payment Schedule:
    Deposit: $750 (to accompany enrollment application)
    Day of arrival: $7,228 (plus additional costs)
    30 Days after Arrival: Balance


    Financial assistance is available for US Citizens and/or US Permanent Residents ONLY. We do not offer any financial assistance for Non-US Citizens.

    Pilot Finance, Inc. – (click here to open the application)

    Pilot Finance allows you to begin your life as a pilot, quickly and easily, with no money worries. Flight training financing is the ONLY thing they do. Pilot Finance offers finance programs that are affordable, easy, fast, flexible and no surprises.


    The following links are suggested materials you can use to familiarize yourself before beginning your flight training.

    - US Airspace


    - FAA Airplane Flying Handbook

    In order to fly solo in US airspace and/or obtain an FAA pilots license, you are required to have an FAA medical examination. You can complete this when you arrive to OFT, however if you are concerned about being able to pass this exam, it’s suggested you obtain one before your arrival. Click here to see what the FAA Regulations are for obtaining a medical certificate. Click here to locate an Aviation Medical Examiner near you.

    Please note: If you do not have an FAA pilot’s license, you will need to obtain a “Student Pilot” medical certificate.


    The goal of this course is for you to obtain your FAA Private Pilot's License. This course does not give you the "Right to Work" status in the Unites States.

    In order to flight train in the United States , you are required to have an M-1 Visa. In addition, you will be required to register with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Instructions to apply for TSA are attached. TSA fees are not included in the course and are paid directly to TSA.

    Once we receive your application and deposit, we will process the I-20 form you need to take to the US Embassy to obtain the M1 visa. All required paperwork will be mailed to you via UPS. The entire M1 visa process can take up to 30 days (or more) to complete. For a list of current wait times, please visit the US Embassy Website.


    Accommodations are provided in our furnished student apartments. Our student housing units are furnished 3 and 4 bedroom apartments at local apartment complexes, all within walking distance to our facility. The apartments come furnished with all necessary furniture, beds, cookware, etc. Pictures of the apartments are on our website.

    Once we have received your completed application and deposit, we will confirm your booking and open your account ready for your arrival. The arrival procedure is standardized to avoid unnecessary delays and inconvenience. If you request accommodations, you will initially be made a reservation at the Baymont Inn & Suites until your “training start date.” On your official “training start date,” we will move you into the student housing.

    Student housing is limited, and operates on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Our apartments stay full at all times. It is our goal to move you into a unit as soon as possible but please understand that there are many variables. If a unit is not immediately available it may be necessary to keep you in the hotel for a longer period of time.


    There are many factors to consider when choosing a flight school. This can be difficult and confusing, especially if you are considering coming to the U.S. as an international student. Here are a few reasons why we believe Orlando Flight Training is a great place to start your aviation career.

    PROFESSIONALISM: Our management staff has over 15,000 hours combined aviation experience, including Military Aviation Transport and Worldwide Heavy Jet civilian route experience. These qualities ensure our operations meet and exceed the highest standards for flight training, maintenance and safety as set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

    LOCATION: With over 300 flying days each year, Central Florida boasts some of the best weather in the world for flight training. When you are not flying, the Orlando and Space Coast areas have more to offer in entertainment than almost anywhere else in the world.

    SCHOOL SIZE: While most of the “big-ticket” flight schools have a total enrollment from 250-500 students, Orlando Flight Training is, by comparison, a much smaller operation. Class sizes are smaller and there is more time for dedicated “one-on-one” instruction. Our current enrollment of full-time students is less than 150.

    VISAS: Orlando Flight Training is authorized by the U.S. government to issue the M-1 student visa for our international students. We have a dedicated staff to handle all visa processing.

    AFFORDABILITY: Our programs are a full 30-40% less expensive than many of our large competitors. We fly with the same high standards, in similar equipment and based in an arguably better location. So, why are we less expensive? Perhaps you should ask the competitors why they cost so much


    It is recommended that once you decide to attend for flight training you book immediately to reserve an opening. Student housing is limited and is based on a “first-come, first-served” basis. So, all that is left is for you to begin the enroll process. Please visit our website to complete our ENROLLMENT FORM. Along with the application, a deposit of $750 is required. This deposit is refunded to you upon successful completion of the course.

    Once we receive the enrollment forms and $750 deposit, our Visa Department will process the application and then UPS the paperwork to you within 5-7 working days (if you are a non-US citizen). In the package shipped to you will be a booklet detailing all that you need to know about the visa process and what you will need to bring with you.


    Our training dates begin every Monday (unless otherwise noted on our website). To view a list of the available training dates, please visit our website, and scroll down to “ARRIVAL DATES.” You will find a drop down menu with a list of all available start dates for the year.

    Please note our training dates begin on Monday’s (or otherwise noted). You should plan to arrive into Orlando a couple days before and be prepared to show up to Orlando Flight Training by 9:00am on the Training Start Date.

    I hope this answers most of your questions, please don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer any other questions you may have. Thank you for considering our school to begin your training.
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    Y aca cuanto sale?

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    sacar la PPA completo aprox. en un aeroclub $ 10000 (pero $$$ no U$S) y en una escuela calcula un 30 % mas....

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    es carísimo! aca en una escuela de vuelo como muy caro te sale 15000. Lo que pasa es que ojo, allá estas aprendiendo en cuatriplaza y aca en Argentina aprendes con biplazas que son más tobara, hay que ver cuando te sale aprender en un biplaza allá.

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    Ademas que en esos 10.000U$S hay costos que uno no tiene que considerar aca en la Argentina o no considera (pilot supplies, Housing, costos examenes, visa)

    igualmente ta salaoooooo jeje
    Enjoy the ride...

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    Yo por eso me voy al sur y no al norte Weeee! Southern sky is waiting for me...

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    copada la info!.. si sos piloto lo mismo?

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    es mucho pero mucho mas barato! tienen que pensarlo de otra manera, aca en argentina ponele que laburas ganas 3 lucas por mes y las queres invertir para pagar horas de vuelo, cada hora te sale $350 aprox, suponiendo que los 3mil mangos lso vas a gastar solo en horas de vuelo te alcanza para 8,5hs.
    ahora te vas a USA ganas 3 lucas, pero en vez de pesos son dolares, cada hora de vuelo sale U$S120 aprox osea podes pagar 25hs de vuelo por mes...

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    Quien te dijo que el trabajo que aca paga 3000 pesos alla paga 3000 U$S? no es tan así
    Enjoy the ride...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyncho View Post
    Quien te dijo que el trabajo que aca paga 3000 pesos alla paga 3000 U$S? no es tan así
    es por poner cualquier ejemplo... te estoy diciendo que ganando la misma plata aca que alla te sala mas caro aca x q la plata te rinde para menos horas, y nadie me lo dijo yo lo vi y lo se, de hecho estoy haciendo el curso de piloto privado en argentina y en cuanto termine el comercial lo voy a hacer en estados unidos, si queres cambia el ejemplo supone que en argentina ganas $2000 = casi 6hs de vuelo por me y eeuu ganas u$s1500= son 12hs de vuelo.. te sigue convieniendo

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